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Why VTOL developing companies become so highly valuated ?

Because these will do air taxi .

Leaked info with Air taxi estimates  :

1 VTOL could generate 18 time more than shared car and earn $2.4M per 1 year.

10 VTOL's could generate $24M per 1 year.

100 VTOL's could generate $240M per 1 year.

1000 VTOL's could generate $2 400 000 000 per 1 year .

2021 02 10

The airplane that won't need a runway . The most efficient take off and landing way reserved by Jetcopter technologies .Nobody will overcome this design in efficiency and price .The real all weather AIR MOBILITY is here .

6 seats VTOL aircraft 

1200hp , 400km/h ,1000km


Starting in 2021

2021 02 08

Air mobility will start with SKY EXPRESS .

BTOL aircraft - much more efficient than VTOL.

2021 02 07

Why we designed BTOL ?

CTOL - conventional take off is most efficient way to take off , need not so energy hungry motors , take big payloads , but need runways.

VTOL - vertical take off , the most inefficient way to take off , everything what take off without using wings - low payload and high energy wasting , but don't need runway .

BTOL - will compromise both - will take bigger payload , with less energy and will take off without runway .

2021 01 26


NASA .Here's why majority of eVTOL's will be out of UAM business .

Aircraft designers have their work cut out for them in more ways than one. By UML-4, UAM vehicles are assumed to be able to operate from challenging urban aerodromes in low visibility and high wind conditions, and to follow precise 3D and 4D trajectories with minimal clearance from obstacles.

Sensors and real-time PSU Network data exchange must enable them to operate with much less separation from each other than do conventional aircraft today.

Evtols with low power density on board simply will be not able to resist against strong winds , closely and safely to maneuver between objects because of propulsion lack.

2021 01 18