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JETCOPTER won't limit itself with just the Urban Air mobility and with just a electric powertrain. Slow and  short distance CO2 free sky crawlers are exiting aircrafts , but sustainable business model require more  than that.  VTOL aircraft soon will become '' mandatory to have '' for all authorities .

Our modern life is moving from a state of calm to unpredictable extreme conditions - global warming , sea level rising , extreme temperatures, droughts, floods, hurricanes, pandemics, earthquakes , mass emigration, riots, multiple military conflicts.
Increasingly, a person’s life will very much depend on how quickly help arrives or how quickly you will be able to leave dangerous zones.
The roads will be blocked , the airports could be easily destroyed , will remain just a limited safe areas and not for long.
The only VTOL will work here and better the fast .

2021 09 15

Same size , but performance very different .
JETCOPTER is not going to invent the new VTOL markets .
JETCOPTER is going to take on the existing markets.
JETCOPTER is going to increase the existing markets .
JETCOPTER is going to start at the 2022 .

2021 09 10

2021 09 01