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In 2021 April Jetcopter will join USAF challenge for high speed VTOL

We will present 750-800km/h or 466-500 mph speed VTOL .

much faster than helicopter ,

40-70% more endurable than helicopter ,

50-60% lower operational and maintenance costs ,

100% safer than helicopter ,

70% lower price .

Can fly / land in very limited spaces , near buildings , trees - no open blades with suction effect.

All weapon systems inside body (retractable)

Very compact- folding wings.

Plug&play - drivers will be able to pilot .

Drone prove propulsion system.

                                        Modular VTOL air mobility system - 2 in 1 .

Heavy VTOL drone - for long range (600 miles) vtol missions .

JETOPTER  - multi mission vtol aircraft



Light twin 1 pilot+6 passengers.  AIRBUS H135 vs JETOPTER XQ  
1. Price $4.000.000 , no parachute , high maintenance costs ,high operational costs , can fly only a helicopter pilot .

2. Price $600.000 , 2 x parachutes , 60-70% lower maintenance costs , 60-70% lower operational costs , can fly small airplane pilot ,flying distance 620 miles /1000 km engineered for mass production for over 5000 pcs/ year.



Military Jetcopters

More than 100 armed forces worldwide use military helicopters.

Jetcopter not only will meet today’s military requirements, but also will meet tomorrow’s needs.

1 years old designs

Jetcopter from evacuation , transport to special missions

Jetcopter folding wings version - great for transporting , saving space , marine .

Jetcopter width in transport position will fit within road lines.

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